The Australian Waffle Company is a family-run, Australian owned company, making a variety of Belgium Liege waffles, Brussels waffles and Homestyle toasting waffles and dough to make your own. We learnt to make our waffles in Belgium and then visited other countries learning their technics in making waffles. We started small with one product and have grown to be Australia's largest waffle manufacturer. Our quality is what makes us stand out from all the imported waffles here. We care what goes into or products. 

Our Team

General Staff 
Joshua Magnus
Zachary Magnus
Eli Magnus

We believe in giving back to the community and that is why we try to employ as many works with disabilities. To many people with special needs have a difficult time getting employed. We like to make our workplace a place to include all people, a place where you feel needed and part of a team. 

We greatly appreciate the assistance from EPIC Assist, assisting people with disability into employment and creating disability-confident employers. 
Petite Waffles is proud to support EPIC Participants : Peter, Ben, Daniel, Stuart and Danny